Thursday, October 4, 2012

Denver Debate

I squirmed watching last night's debate, Obama definitely not in his A game, almost appearing to be subliminally saying, this job is impossible, here, you take it.  Going through the motions of a "debate" he allowed Romney to lead him and the moderator, Jim Lehrer, failed to rein him in when necessary.  Romney is slick and well scripted, but in a free for all debate, with no one to challenge anything other than the opponent, both sides were throwing out numbers and some preposterous claims.  Still, I think the preponderance of the truth was on Obama's side and why he did not more vigorously dispute some of Romney's points, is a mystery. has a good summary of all the hyperbole.

 The O's lost last night, Obama and the Orioles.  But they both get another chance.