Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Redux

Hurricane Sandy certainly puts the tedious political circus in perspective, with the storm's tremendous threat to life and property up and down the coast.  It is sobering. I've written many times about our boating life in Norwalk, Ct, and how that area has a special place in our hearts, even though we are in Florida most of the time.  I think of what our friends are going through right now, back in our old home environs, and it is frightening and potentially catastrophic.  And our boat, Swept Away, is at risk there. Although up on the hard, it is in danger of floating away in any significant tidal surge, finally coming to rest wherever the water and wind takes her, certainly with damage, maybe total destruction.  They say that's what insurance is for, but that is not the point as it is more of a home to us and we have maintained it with a special devotion and respect a classic boat deserves.  Nonetheless the fate of our boat  is only a spec on this developing landscape of horror from Sandy.  So many lives will be disrupted or endangered and we're hoping for the best for our boating friends there, our boat club, and all impacted by this storm of the century.