Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Think of this as a “Facebook page.”  I don’t “do” Facebook, so this is an alternative to publish photographs on the Web, an attempt to archive them.

Photography used to be my avocation.  My father was a professional.

I no longer pursue it as a hobby in this digital age, preferring, now, writing and piano, but when we travel, I usually take a couple of cameras (as well as my iPhone).  Still, some of the more gratifying shots are right here in our own backyard which happens to be between the North Palm Beach Waterway and the North Palm Beach golf course.  The latter is where I like to walk first thing in the morning, around sunrise.

It was designed by the famous golfer, Jack Nicklaus, who is a local resident.  He created many undulations so it contrasts to the normal flatness Floridian topography and makes for a great walk before the sun is too high and golfers take over the course.

This shot is from one of the higher points on the golf course.  I like to joke with visitors that it is the highest point in the area.  It very well might be:

I take a lot of pictures of sunrises here, one of the more recent ones a glorious sunrise on Easter Sunday:

Occasionally I’ll see a fox on the course, or a snake, but no gators.  Birds of all varieties make the course their home.

The mother of all spider webs also caught my attention.

From our home on the waterway we see some spectacular sunsets, but then there are also moonsets if I get up early enough.

Then, also on our waterway there is an occasional bizarre sight, such as this 100 foot plus yacht being towed fore and aft.

Boating related as well, a drone shot (not mine) of a raft up in which we participated on nearby Munyon Island, our boat ‘Reprise’ in the lower right.

Finally), a photograph of the two of us attending opening night of Edgar & Emily, the Grim Reaper hovering behind.