Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It’s Love – It’s Christmas

We’ve all heard just about every Christmas carol or song ever written, but here’s a rarely performed one composed by the great jazz pianist Bill Evans.  It’s quite beautiful and in the Evans’ mode.  What makes it particularly unusual for Evans – aside from the lightness of the piece – is he wrote the lyrics for it, something he rarely did.  He once said “I never listen to lyrics.  I’m seldom conscious of them at all.  The vocalist might as well be a horn as far as I’m concerned.”  But I guess it was the spirit of the season which led him to write lyrics for his own Christmas song.

It’s Love – It’s Christmas
Dancing to the music low,
The world covered white with snow;
A kiss……..
That won’t let go.
It’s love, it’s Christmas.
Jack Frost
Painting window panes,
A sleigh, Santa at the reins;
A fire, candy canes,
It’s love, it’s Christmas.
Lovers watching a star,
Their dreams so near yet so far;
It’s love, the spirit of Christmas.
© 1991 Ludlow Music, Inc.

Although the reflection on the piano might belie a Floridian presence of Jack Frost, I offer my own recording of Evans' lighthearted Christmas piece, and as we’re taking time off for the holiday, a happy and healthy New Year to all!