Monday, May 9, 2016

IT has Started

In Florida, the presidential election robo-calls have begun (put this number on your blocked call list if you are so inclined: 646-891-2992).  It was Donald Trump calling! – his recording about the “emergency” of defeating Hillary Clinton and then another voice seeking contributions as, he claims, the Trump campaign is no longer self-funding (do they need funding at all as the mass media and the world of “Tweetledum and Tweetledee” seem not to get enough of him?).  The follow up voice said that by contributing $25 you get a nice elect Trump sticker (guess the hat, “made in America” but mostly by Latinos, Mexicans, and SalvadoreƱos, is too expensive) and if you feel generous enough to contribute $1,000 you get a signed photograph of him “suitable for framing.” So it begins.  Where do I puke?