Saturday, May 10, 2014

Swept Away Launch

Two posts in one day, a record!  Jonathan’s dear girlfriend, Anna, thoughtful as always, captured the launch of our “summer home,” our boat, Swept Away, today in a video.  Although brief, it shows the essential steps, transporting the boat from its storage on our Club’s parking lot to the water with the travel lift, lowering it into the water, and bringing it around to the slip.  The process never fails to stir eager feelings of an impending summer of boating, throwing off the shackles of the winter, although, now that we live in Florida, it is hard to tell the difference between any of the seasons!  Our boat is now considered an old classic and it is good to see her in the capable hands of Jonathan who cares for the boat while we’re away from her and enjoys what she has to offer before we arrive later in the season.  He brought it into our slip flawlessly and it is good to see most of the boats in our Club now in the water.