Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking a Break in Key West

I need a break from the constant drumbeat of downbeat news, Russian and American satellites colliding in space, British and French nuclear submarines colliding deep under the Atlantic, and the spiraling economic Armageddon, chasing an unknown vortex. I hark back to the happier times of the recent holidays when we visited Key West with our son.

Jonathan and I shared a camera. We apparently have a similar eye, as I can no longer remember exactly who took what picture. My father was a professional photographer and I would like to think a little of it rubbed off on me, but Jonathan has the advantage of being born into the digital generation and manipulates the features of a digital camera as second nature. Here he is “working” on my first computer, an Apple II, almost thirty years ago.

We walked through Key West’s less frequented side streets. It was a beautiful December day, not humid, temperatures in the 80s. Some of the photos illustrate Key West’s iconoclastic nature, some its beauty, and others the passage of time and disrepair.

Attitude Free Zone

Sliver Moon Fence

It Don’t Come Off

Roof Shadows

Tropical Leaf


Balcony Beer Bottle

A Sailor’s Delight