Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Block Island Sunset

My father was a professional photographer and I learned much about photography from him. Over the years I had the advantage of having some excellent equipment ranging from the Speed Graphic of my youth to a number of Nikon 35mm cameras. But like everyone else, my equipment has migrated to the digital world.

For some twenty years we visited Payne's Dock at Block Island for our summer vacation on our boat. Block Island is a photographer’s paradise. I took this late 1990’s picture of a BI sunset with a very early digital, a Sony Mavica that allowed pictures to be saved directly to a floppy disk but with a limited number of pixels. Consequently, this photograph, a favorite of mine, is only detailed enough to display on a computer screen.

I remember looking out the window as we were getting ready for dinner, seeing this intense sunset and I grabbed the only camera that was readily available, the Sony. The photograph’s colors have not been enhanced. Block Island sunsets can be spectacular. This won an award sponsored by the Weather Channel, and was featured on their cable TV station.

In addition to the colors, the silhouettes of the dock, and the three individuals engaged in “dock talk” ostensibly oblivious to the sunset, enhance the drama and serenity of the scene.